Ara Malikian concert in Avilés

Concierto de Ara Malikian en Avilés

On Sunday March 13 at 5:30 Ara Malikian performs with his band at the Teatro Palacio Valdés in Avilés. The Lebanese violinist presents in the city his latest album, ARA, a work fruit of watching his son grow up and inspired by the child that Malikian in his childhood could not be.

The artist defines his latest work as “An album that is full of dinosaurs, robotic squids, time machines, flying pianos and bilingual mimes, this album is that which I had forgotten and which is so powerful; the Magic of finding every day and every path fascinating, whatever they bring”.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased at Liberbank website.

Here is a composition taken from their latest album: ARA

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