Robe Iniesta concert in Avilés

On Friday, November 12 at 9 pm is scheduled the concert of Robe Iniesta in his tour “Ahora es el momento” in Avilés.

The concert will be held at the Pabellón de Exposiciones de La Magdalena and tickets will be on sale 15 days before the concert and can be obtained through their official website. We leave below the link to their website where you can have all the information about the concert.

Robe is coming to present his latest album Mayéutica although he also commented that he will be playing Extremoduro songs “I can’t forget the Extremoduro songs. The old ones give me a bad feeling for having sung them so much. And besides, I wrote them thirty years ago. But I will include the last songs of the group”.

Robe commented in a press conference that he was delighted with the band he had for this tour “I think I have the best band of my life and the funny thing is that it has been without looking for it. I’ve found it and I’m very excited about it. We are more of a band than Extremoduro ever was, in many things and I like them“.

Here is the latest video of this new album.

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