It is the main example of the architecture of bourgeois Aviles. Its construction began in 1900 and it was inaugurated in 1920. It was built by the architect Manuel del Busto following the scheme of Italian theaters, with a neo-baroque and modernist style, with a longitudinal layout parallel to the facade.

All kinds of plays were performed in the theater: comedy, dramas, lyric, among other activities, but it went from strength to strength until it was finally closed in 1972.

After several years of abandonment, it was acquired by the city council and in 1987 the rehabilitation works began and were completed in 1992.

Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) since 1982, it is currently one of the main theaters in Spain. The most important plays have been performed on its stage and many companies perform the premieres of their works on their national tour.

In their website you can find all the information about the cultural program they offer.